The lawmakers proposal follows a similar measure being discussed by the European Union (EU).

November 1, 2011

The Harper government's opposition to the Robin Hood Tax draws criticism from Canada's Occupy movement.

October 29, 2011

"Such a taxation would be very useful to promote global and sustainable development according to principles of social justice and solidarity". 

October 24, 2011

"Our organizations say NO to this agreement, which has been negotiated for the sole benefit of transnational corporations at the expense of people's rights and of the protection of the environment," says the declaration.

October 20, 2011

"Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3 trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day - enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world." 

October 20, 2011

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