Sarkozy may make headway at G20 on transaction tax push

(Reuters) - European leaders could make progress in their drive for a financial transaction tax at a Group of 20 summit this week after French President Nicolas Sarkozy indicated Washington may prove

G20: Bill Gates adds his weight to calls for Robin Hood tax

Financial transaction tax could raise £30bn to fight poverty, Gates will tell leaders.

Occupy London: archbishop of Canterbury backs new tax on banking

Rowan Williams says the protest at St Paul's shows 'widespread and deep exasperation with the financial establishment'.

Union leaders urge action on Robin Hood Tax at G20

As world leaders head to France for the the G-20 economic summit in Cannes, labor leaders from around the globe will gather nearby to represent the needs of the world’s workers.

U.S. lawmakers to introduce Robin Hood Tax bill

The lawmakers proposal follows a similar measure being discussed by the European Union (EU).

Lobby for Robin Hood tax Occupy group’s first action

CORNER BROOK — A Robin Hood tax in Canada has become the first issue to tackle for the Occupy Corner Brook group.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF): Proposed EU financial transaction tax should help bail out global health

Geneva, 20 October 2011 – The financial transaction tax (FTT) proposed by France and Germany and due to be discussed at Sunday’s European Council meeting and next month’s G20 Summit, could help save m

Vatican announces support for Robin Hood Tax

"Such a taxation would be very useful to promote global and sustainable development according to principles of social justice and solidarity".

Occupy movement planning for October 29th Global March for Robin Hood Tax

"Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3 trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day - enough cash to fund every social program and enviro